Two (2) individually and independently controlled holding cabinets for easy handling of food which required different temperature in each holding cabinet. As an option, this unit
can be made and equipped with transport handles & a full perimeter bumper for food catering & transportation needs.

Download PDF – DS-CH-GN32 v6

Pass-through unit is also available for easy serving from either the front and/or the back side of the unit.

Download PDF – DS-CH-GN32-PT v6

Please contact us for CAD and/or REVIT drawings if needed.

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Product Information
Product Capacity

87 kg (per compartment)

Pan Capacity

16 GN 1/1 pans in 65mm depth, or
8 GN 1/1 in 100mm depth, or 8 GN 2/1 pans
(per compartment)

W x D x H

720mm x 800mm x 1925mm