DSS Circum Heat Products

The secret and success to the quality hot food temperature holding is more than just a simple application of heat. Adding humidity or water isn’t the answer, either. The real key to quality holding is to preserve as much natural food product moisture (food nutrition value) as possible with no fans or harsh heating elements used and applied. Fan and water/vapor may unnoticeably alter the food taste & texture. That’s exactly what the gentle and even holding capability of CIRCUM Heat is designed to accomplish. CIRCUM Heat keeps hot foods at a safe, precise and even temperature while being able to maintain the maximum amount of food product moisture, the treasurable nutrition value found in most of the foods you need to hold prior to serving. CIRCUM Heat hot food holding equipment are available in a wide range of models for all type and sizes of foodservice operational needs and to support any type of food preparation or service by extending the sustainability of the food.

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